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Customize Facebook

Learn how to customize facebook, this is something thousands of facebook users are looking on how to do it. Facebook being the social gathering place on the net, you know why people want to customize it.

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During initial launch, networking sites such as Facebook and Friendster only had simple tools that you can use to customize your profile, for instance.  But now, since Facebook has been in operation and a lot of people worldwide are using it, it has come up with new tools that you use to customize Facebook.  This way, your profile would be more informative and pleasing to look at and more and more people would see your site as an enjoyable one.  The primary benefit of having a well-thought and well-designed Facebook custom profile is that you would be able to grab other users' attention and they would be more likely to want to connect with you and be included in your extensive network. 

Right now, you can customize Facebook profile not just by adding photos or bits and pieces of information to your profile.  You can do more here.  You can add and share applications.  For instance, in my customized Facebook profile, you can see that I have an application called Who Were You in Your Past Life?, which I have gotten from my sister-in-law.  You can add specific groups, for example, with whom you have a become a fan of.  You can see in my profile that I became a fan of Maczot. Com and Appzapper last January 15, 2008.  You can also add a wall in your profile, which is the same as a bulletin board that other users can shoot a message to you that other people can see.  At the same time, you can take quizzes in Facebook such as What is Your Criminal Personality?, What Is Your Lucky Number? and  What Kind of Millionaire Will You Marry?

Facbook Customize tool

Other than the above-mentioned features, you can customize your user profile even more by creating events.  For example, you are planning a big bash on your birthday.  You can add the details after you have clicked on Create An Event.  Afterwards, you can even customize it in a way that other users can see it and you can invite other users to that specific event.  But other users can also ask you to give them an invite for the event.  But if you want to keep this event a secret, Facebook will not display this event to anybody as those whom you have invited would only be the ones to see this event. Always remember that a custom Facebook will always be interesting in the sight of your profile visitors. Customize facebook to what you want!

In addition, Facebook has included a feature called Marketplace where you can buy, sell or trade in commodities with other users.  For example, there is an advertisement placed in Facebook where you can buy a travel package to Hanoi, Vietnam for only $376 per person on a twin sharing basis.  Another example is the advertisement where a Compaq Laptop is offered for $390.  Meanwhile, you can even post for want ads here such as the Canon 300D that a user has been seeking for.  Also, you can post job vacancies in Facebook that you want other users to see and apply to.

So, in conclusion, Facebook is not just a simple networking tool.  It is so much, much more than what you have bargained for, so why not customize facebook to what you - EXPRESS YOURSELF!


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